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It happened when I was 7 years old. I was in a room of my house with my friend. We were playing with the ball and  my friend threw the ball to the TV and the TV broke. Next my mum looked at the broken  TV and she sent us outside.We felt guilty.



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A Leadholder Accident

Last year, my sister and me were at home. I was doing my homework and my sister was putting some leads on his leadholders, when my sister came. She came to ask me to fix the leadholder, because she was putting the leads the other way around, so I insert a thin paintbrush, but it got stuck. We felt very nervous, because she receive the leadholder as a birthday present. We called to my dad to fix it again. And he fixed it!! ; )


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I went to Croatia and I stayed  there for two weeks.

My family were with me and I went to Plitvice and to Dubrownik. In plitvice, I saw the lakes and the waterfalls and in Dubrovnik I saw the old city. I was also on an island called Hvar.

In Plitvice, I met a girl from Zaragoza, Spain. Her name was Carlota. She had a younger brother.

I took a lot of photos. I liked Croatia a lot because it is beautiful. During the trip, I felt excited and happy


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I  went to France on 25th December and I came back on 30th December. I was in France for 5 days.I liked skiing in La Mongie.

 I sow the montains. My favourite thing is skiing in La Mongie.

Skiing is a very funny sport. You need skis, ski clothes and ski boots.

France is a very good place to go skiing. There are many ski resorts.

On the way to the house, I went skiing. It was very funny!!!!

In France, it was very cold!!!!! You needed 10 jackets!!!!!!

In front of the house there is a river and a  nigth I didn’t sleep very well because the river was very noisy but my family slept very well.

In the morning, I got up at eight o’clock because we went skiing.



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About Mary

Hi! I’m Maria and I’m 10 years old. I’ve got light brown hair and brown eyes.

I’ve got a big family. There 9 cousins, 8 aunts and uncles, 2 grandfathers and 2 grandmothers.

I’ve got my own room.

In my room, I’ve got posters of celebrities, and animals, films and Club Penguin.

My favourite celebrity is Selena Gomez because she sings very well and is very nice.

My favourite film is Friendemies because it is very funy.

My favourite  singer is Selena Gomez because she sings very well.

My favourite book is Dork Diaries because it is  very funny.

selena 1selena 2

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Hi! I am Lucy and I’m 10 years old. I’ve got medium-lenght hair and light brown eyes.

I’ve got a big family. There are 4 of us. I’ve got 10 cousins, 7 aunts and uncles, 1 sister, 3 grandparents and my parents.

I’ve got my own room. In my room I’ve got a wooden desk, a pink wooden chair, a green bed, a keyboards, a drawer, and a built-in wardrobe. My wallpapers are green, blue and beige.

My favourite film is “Wreck It Ralph!” ( because it’s hilarious. My favourite film star is Bella Zhorne  and Zendaya, because the series is funny and they are beautiful, and my favourite band is One Direction because they sing very well and they are beautiful. My favourite book is “La banda de Zoe”