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Once upon a time at the top of a mountain there was a Haunted Castle. In the Haunted Castle there lived a bee. Its name was Dora. One day there was a fire in the castle and the bee had to look for a new home. It took its phone and called its friend Diego the lady bird. But Diego was in Hawaii.The bee looked for 4 boys to play with the dice and it had a great idea: to build its house with dice. Later at night the bee had a torch and went to the city and looked for many dice to build its house. And the bee asked, ‘Where can I find dice?’ It found a toy shop and the name of the toy shop was Toy World. The bee entered the shop and saw a toy house and it stole it. And the Dora had a new house.


4 thoughts on “THE BEE HOUSE

  1. Did it really steel the toy house? That is horrible!!

  2. Oh my god!! Your blog is so nice. What about writting about aunt teresa and uncle bernie?

  3. Its very funy and nice

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