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The Explorer Bee And The Mystery Man


Once upon a time, there was an explorer bee that wanted to go to a big castle, so, she took a torch and she went there. When she arrived to the castle there was fire around it. It asked itself, ‘Why is there fire here? Who started it?’ So, the explorer bee started looking and she saw a man that had a big dice. Then she asked him why he had this dice and the man told her: ‘Because I’m going to control the world, ha,ha,ha!!!! ‘But how are you going to do it with the dice?’ ‘This is my plan: I throw the dice and if it is a five, five fires start in the world, and if there is a lot of fire there is no water and the people have to buy the water from me. So, the explorer bee took the man’s cell phone and she called the firefighters. After an hour they arrived and they put out ten fires around the world.


2 thoughts on “The Explorer Bee And The Mystery Man

  1. Did the man lose the dice anytime? Otherwise, the firemen were going to have a lot of work!!!!

  2. Well, we don’t want them to lose their jobs either 🙂 But you should ask Lucy about the ending.

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