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Destination: Bilbao

· The most famous places:

The Guggenheim Museum, because it’s beautiful.

The Euskalduna Palace, because it’s elegant.

The Arriaga Theatre because it’s popular.

The Curch of Begoña, because it’s wonderful.

The Iberdrola Tower, because it’s the highest.


· My favourite places:


The restaurant “La Tagliatella”. Because I like the food that you can eat there.

Zubiarte, because I like shopping and next to Zubiarte there is a beautiful square.

The “Corte Ingles” shopping centre, because there are many shops that I like.

The Artxanda mountain, because if you go there you can see the most beautiful views.



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It happened when I was 7 years old. I was in a room of my house with my friend. We were playing with the ball and  my friend threw the ball to the TV and the TV broke. Next my mum looked at the broken  TV and she sent us outside.We felt guilty.